Suzanne's Blog


There are days when everything goes just right.  The bus arrives as you get to the stop.  Traffic lights turn green as you approach.  There’s just one thingy left in the shop – and its reduced.  The person you were about to phone rings you with just the news you wanted.  Life’s wonderful!

Then there are are times when the reverse of all that happens.  Plus you leave something on the bus, stub your toe and the computer crashes losing everything you just did.  Aarrgghh…..

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s in a moment that you get out of synch.  One tiny moment….  The more times you notice that moment, the easier it gets to recognise it when it strikes.

The moment you recognise that that moment has happened, hopefully at the time or as soon after  it happens as possible STOP.  Stop whatever you’re doing.  If you’re walking, typing, eating, reading …STOP.  If you’re driving pull over when you can and STOP.

Acknowledge to yourself that you’ve got out of synch.  This will get the sub conscious and conscious parts of your mind back in tune.

Then take three deep breaths.  Don’t do anything else whilst you’re doing so.  The important bit of these breaths is the breathing out.  Breathe out of your mouth – hard.  Blow until there’s no breath left to blow.  Then let your body breathe in for you – in its own time and as much or little as it wants to.  Then breathe/blow out again – hard – again til there’s absolutely nothing left.  Then do it again.  Three times in all.

Then look – see what you see.  Listen – hear what you hear. Feel, smell, taste.

Now you’re back in synch.  The lights will turn green, a stranger will smile at you, and the person you’ve been waiting for will ring.

Furthermore, at this beautiful time of the year, take some time to get in synch with nature and the magic it’s up to.  Again, use your senses – look, listen, touch, taste and smell.  Feel your feet rooted down into the earth and you growing up towards the sun.  And the sunlight and the earth responding and nourishing you and filling you with light.

Enjoy – your self.  Come and see me if you’d like to.