What people say about Suzanne

Dear Suzanne, I really want to thank you for helping me to get through this really tough stage in my life. You really have been a lifeline in every sense. When I go to my place (in self hypnosis) to meet the people I love who are dear to me and care about me, you’re always at the front! In fact I’ve been up for weeks. Thanks to you! Thank you.

My panic attacks affected everything in my life and now I’m free and I feel I’ve got my life back. Thank you Suzanne

Hi Suzanne, I just wanted to let you know that I had a trip to Florida a few weeks ago and I was absolutely fine on the flights. All of my biggest concerns actually happened (delayed flight – stuck on plane between people etc…) and I was pretty calm and relaxed. I think I enjoyed overcoming these fears! So thank you very much for your help. You are such a special person.

Now, quite simply, I’m happy! Thank you so much Suzanne

Dear Suzanne, How are you? Hope all is well and that life is good. I’m so pleased (X) is seeing you and benefitting so much from your wonderful wisdom. You certainly helped me more than words can describe! One piece of advice you gave that I still use to this day has given me the courage to go for so many things over the years and not be held back by fear! All of which has led me to a place where I’m totally enjoying life and finally following my creative urges.

I know things will never be perfect but I want to say a huge thank you for helping me to accept that and feel ok with it

I’d gone in circles with losing and gaining weight. Suzanne, you helped me take response-ability, as you put it, and get in the driving seat of my life.

The journey I’ve been on with you has been profound and I now have a life worth living

I was in such a low spot after my divorce and I don’t know how I’d have done it without you Suzanne