Suzanne sees people with mind/body issues including cancer, pain control, fertility and IBS. Suzanne Thomas is a London hypnotherapist who uses hypnosis, relaxation, self-hypnosis, mindfulness, NLP, imagery and visualisation within a counselling, therapy framework.  She is a fully registered hypnotherapist practising hypnotherapy in London.

An experiment… Concentrate…

Imagine a lemon tree hung with ripe yellow fruit. Pick the fattest and juiciest lemon and cut it into quarters. Now – bite into your quarter and suck the juice. Are you salivating? Can you even feel the sides of your jaw aching? Most people will answer, definitively, yes. This is a demonstration to yourself of the direct link between what you think and how your body behaves; the mind/body relationship. Everyone knows that a positive attitude of someone who is ill or wounded will add to and complement any treatments they are receiving and aid their body’s healing. However, apart from this clearly beneficial frame of mind, we may find that some, less conscious, thoughts and feelings impact negatively on physical well-being. The effects of stress on anything from heart conditions to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), to high blood pressure are well documented and acknowledged. In fact there is no separation between mind and body.

What happens in your mind also happens in your body and what happens in your body also happens in your mind.  There’s only one of you!

Hypnotherapy for mind body healing: Cancer, Pain control, Fertility, IBS

An important note: this is not to say that illness is your fault. This is not about blame. It is, however, an extremely useful extra way to find a way in for you to help yourself and so add to anything else you may be doing to help yourself.

Hypnotic techniques, imagery and relaxation are great ways to access your inner self.  You are, in the end the expert on yourself and a way in to work directly with yourself on that level is invaluable.  I work with people going through cancer and their loved ones – with the physical as well as the emotional aspects.  People with cancer and its sometimes difficult treatments as well as all the psychological aspects have benefited hugely.

When it comes to pain management, it is easy to see how you could learn to deliberately produce and harness feelings of comfort and relaxation. Clearly, this would also be invaluable with stress related physical conditions.  Added to this, visualisation, as you have already seen in the experiment above, can produce real and very powerful mind/body changes

When it comes to fertility issues, such as going through IVF treatment, techniques in all of the above areas have proved invaluable.

IBS is one of the conditions that much research has pointed to as being highly responsive to hypnosis.  In fact, all stress related conditions will respond well.

Here are some tools and suggestions:

  • Listen daily to one of my relaxation adventures every day with the aim of relaxing both mind, body and spirit.  You can click on the Soundcloud link on the home page of this website to access them.
  • When relaxed, perhaps with the help of my relaxation download, use your imagination to move that relaxation in your body to the place that needs it most.
  • You’re welcome to come to see me. Contact me to talk further