Suzanne Thomas is a London hypnotherapist who uses hypnosis, relaxation, self-hypnosis, mindfulness, NLP, imagery and visualisation. She is highly experienced in corporate and group work and will tailor make a session or workshop or seminar. She is fully registered.

It is well researched and documented that, in the workplace, psychological factors play a significant role in employee performance. Indeed, the law now provides for employers’ duty of psychological as well as physical care of the workforce. Many issues, both within and without the work environment may contribute to people’s well-being. The company can help employees resolve issues at work and can also access tools to help people cope with these and outside pressures. All of these will reduce stress for the individual.  A calm, confident, happy person makes for an efficient, productive and effective employee.

Suzanne has a special interest in working with sports people.  She works with team members as individuals as well as being part of the team. Plus she works with the team.  She has also worked extensively on performance issues with solo sports people.

Suzanne Thomas has led groups and worked within business toward diverse goals. Some of the topics run for such teams are:

  • Self hypnosis and Meditation 
  • Presentation and Performance
  • Concentration and Motivation
  • Team Building
  • Stress – management and reduction
  • Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Assertiveness – speaking up
  • Bullying – from both ends

Suzanne will be delighted to talk with you about shaping a course to your specific needs. Courses can run from anything between a one-off two-hour session to a two day event or on-going weekly sessions. The group may consist of anything from two to two hundred people. Suzanne is also very happy to work with individuals.

Suzanne has a special interest in looking at the psychological profile of a company and the intended and actual functioning of it.  Senior management members have consulted Suzanne in this capacity and, together, they have approached the company and ‘treated‘ it as if it were an individual person. This has been highly enlightening and, in some instances, spectacularly successful.

Suzanne has also worked in companies wanting to give its employees access to excellent one to one psychological care.

Contact Suzanne to discuss your requirements further.

Groups and courses

If you would like a course or on-going sessions designed to match your environment, whether in the UK or abroad, on a huge variety of topics, I would be delighted to hear from you.