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When feeling stuck –  shake it up.  Making small changes and doing things differently can shake up even the biggest or most enduring patterns.September brings in Autumn.  Leaves turn every other colour from the greens we’re used to.  Then they shake and blow and tumble and find new homes on the ground and on our cars and even on ourselves.  Everything behaves contrary to what it’s been doing all year.  I used to feel sad about that and wished Summer would last for ever.  Now I see it as celebration – off with the old!  Time to make space for a whole new cycle’s over-winter preparations.    If the leaves and fruits stayed on the trees they would wither and rot.In the same way, we can become stuck and cling on when we could do something different – let go of old ways and make space to prepare for something new or fresh.

We cling to old ways of doing or seeing even though they may not be working for us any more.  Sometimes it’s hard to even realise that that’s what we’re doing.  Or, if we do realise, it’s difficult or scary to change or know how to do so.

But – hey – off with the old!  Rome wasn’t built …!  It’s a new day..!   And all the rest.   After all, those cliches have only become cliches because they’re true.

One more cliche – the butterfly effect.  So – flap your wings little butterfly…

Have your very own Autumn.  In preparation for??….Start small.  Just a tiny flap of your beautiful wings.

Try this.  Make changes to your smallest routines.  Brush your teeth in a different order.  Put the other leg in your trousers first.  Take your tea/coffee with/without sugar.  Read a different newspaper.  Watch/don’t watch a soap opera/documentary/X Factor on TV – whatever you don’t ‘normally’ do.  You’ll find that you do these things so much more consciously.  Plus you’ll find that bigger, more important, things come to your attention as possibilities to change.  And, as you identify what to change, the ways to make those changes will become clear.  Often, when finding the courage to change or shake off an old habit, the new way reveals itself – as though it had been waiting all along – just as when an old leaf falls, sometimes the new bud is already there and may even have helped the old leaf on its way.

It sounds small – but it’s HUGE.  Do try it.  And I would love to hear from you about what you do with it and how things go.

Have a wonderfully colouful Autumn.

With warmest wishes,


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