New Year: Time for Dreaming and Scheming

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New Year: Time for Dreaming and Scheming

So, what was 2017 like for you?

On a scale of 0-10 where would you put it –
Overall on a personal level?
Family wise?
Work wise?
Having marked it in various categories, would you say these are good enough results?
On one level we can take those results and run with them – good or bad.  Maybe our evaluation is rational and fair.  In that case it makes it relatively straightforward to see where your goals for 2018 lay in each area (even though actually getting there may need a bit of figuring out…)

But what if we look at it differently?

The person evaluating the year is of course YOU?  Maybe it’s your evaluation that needs looking at?  Are you too lax or over critical?  Are you too Pollyanna or too Eeyore?   On a global level,  we can all site amazing wonderful heart stopping events in 2017.  Or we can all focus on the disasters and tragedies.   The question at the top is what was 2017 like FOR YOU.  In other words, how did YOU experience it.  Your experience, your feelings, are valid.  They are neither right or wrong.  But all Pollyanna or all Eeyore seldom work.  Maybe balance would be something to aim for?…


A new year.  Time to look back on last year and make plans for this one. Time to dream and scheme.   Where do YOU want to be at the end of 2018???…  If you want some help to get there get in touch.

I wish you all that you want for 2018 and a wonderful journey getting there.



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