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Look around you.  Take a moment – or even two – every day.  This is a wonderful time of the year.  Use your senses.  LOOK – there are buds and flowers and miracles wherever you go.  LISTEN – the birds are revving up.  They are singing at their very best. FEEL – the warming sun and freshness on your skin newly exposed.   TASTE and SMELL. It happens every year – and it’s more and more wonderful every time.    There is such hope and anticipation.  So many new beginnings.

Soooo corny….  But hey!  Things are only corny because they’ve been said so often.

YOU have hopes and new beginnings in your life too.  Take time to identify and acknowledge them as such.  And this hope in the new beginnings is wonderful and exciting in itself.  Dare yourself to enjoy it.  Even to glory in it.

But then – there’s disappointment.  What you had hoped for may not happen or may not have happened in the way you thought it would.  You may blame yourself or others.  Or seek solace in something that will  never fulfill your expectations;  alcohol, bad relationships, drugs, food sex ….. and repeat and repeat it to punish yourself or to prove to yourself that it is all a big disappointment.  If you’re in a dark place get some help.  You don’t need to get stuck here – the person/substance/action may never deliver but going on hoping against hope that it will CAN change.  YOU can change. You CAN change your mind.  AND your behavior.  Get some help if you’d like to.

Yes.  Hope CAN exist in hell when we think only of the hope as dashed and unrequited.   But the hope in itself is something marvellous.  Don’t be scared to hope just in case it doesn’t happen as you’d wished.  It is what it is.  It gave you your journey and you learned lots.

You’re welcome to come and see me if you’d like to.

I wish you huge joy this Spring.

With best wishes


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