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We’re living in, to put it mildly, unusual times.  People are learning to reinvent life and how to do it.  Everyone’s touched by it.  Some will be coping comparatively well.  Others not so brilliantly.    But for everyone, taking time out to recentre, relax and refresh yourself can only be good
From Monday, 31st at 3.30pm (GMT) every day I’ll be live on Instagram at suzannehypno doing a lovely self hypnosis/relaxation for you and anyone and everyone you’d like to invite.  Apart from being a time to de-stress it’ll be something to enjoy.  Time to go through the wardrobe into your own Narnia, to let your imagination soothe, comfort, even amuse you (instead of what-iffing), to return to the present.   It doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve done this before or not.

There’s absolutely nothing to pay {unless you want to).  And please circulate it on social media, email, text, pigeon….   At this time there are lots of people who could really benefit so do let them know

Wishing you the very very best and you know you can still see me one to one – online – if you want to


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