Your present! Presence galore! A gift for you! Yummy!

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For most people, the most relaxing part of a holiday is having time off.  Time off from thinking, planning and worrying or chewing over what happened,  re-running and regretting.   On holiday, new things require conscious attention so that past and present have no place at that moment.   For most people it’s the chance to get away from all that places us anywhere but in the present that is the real relaxation of a holiday.

So why not take a holiday every day?….  Take time to live now – in the present.  Become absorbed in what’s happening now.

Give yourself the gift of the present.   A chance everyday to be present.  This is the perfect time of year to start.   When you pay attention there are amazing things to see, hear, touch, taste smell at every moment all around you.  Get off your phone, look up.  Try it.   Experiment – shift from sense to sense.  See what you see.  Right now!  Hear what you hear.  Right now!  Touch/taste/smell…   And play – notice everything of a certain colour.  Then switch colours.  Or try walking differently and notice how it feels.  Or listen to the difference between close and far away sounds.

Of course you can plan for the future and learn from the past.  But just as, when you return from a holiday and are rooted in the present having given yourself a break from past and future and time to live in the present, it’s so much easier to plan and learn.  The present is the only place you CAN live in healthily and happily.  If you live all the time in the future – that’s anxiety.  Dwelling in the past IS depression.   Using your senses is a wonderful way to bring you back to now.  To have a  holiday.  Every day.

If you or someone you know are having difficulties (or just want to learn more about living presently)  you’re welcome to get in touch.

I hope you’re enjoying Summer and wish you a wonderful holiday if you’re going away,


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