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Edit A brand new year.  A brand new start.  Lots of hope and a chance to think about what you want for 2016.  There may be things you want personally and others things you hope for the world.  They may be big or little things. …
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Christmas Wishes

Warmth.  Love. Eating .  Giving.  Family.  Laughter.  Receiving.  Drinking.  Relaxing.  Fun.  Children.  Merriment……  Yes!  All of this – and more -is what Christmas is all about.  Isn’t it?…I hope that your Christmas is going to have oodles of all of this.On the other hand…. stress. …
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As If…

This month I’m writing about depression.  Well – I’m writing about one aspect of depression.  It’s rather too big a subject to entirely tackle here as anyone who’s ever met it (which is virtually everyone) would attest. As a word, ‘depression’ is used to describe…
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SHaKe it uP

When feeling stuck –  shake it up.  Making small changes and doing things differently can shake up even the biggest or most enduring patterns.September brings in Autumn.  Leaves turn every other colour from the greens we’re used to.  Then they shake and blow and tumble…
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Hopes Expectations and Dreams

We have hope.  We have expectations.  And we have dreams. They are, of course, similar, but they are not the same.  Hope has an element of luck.  Expectations feel rooted more in reality.  Dreams are wishes that we would like to come true. We may…
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‘Responsibility’ – the word and the concept – often sounds dry – even dour.  It can feel we already have quite enough or, sometimes, too much of it.  It may feel like drudgery –  something unpleasant and simply dutiful that has to be taken on. …
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Psychotherapy and, specifically, hypnotherapy and counselling often accent the idea of living in the present.  Since the only place to live effectively is in the present, as it is the only place you can make changes, decide to spend more time here.  Consider this and…
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Spring has Sprung

  WOW!   The colours!  The smells!  The birds a-tweetin’ and a-dancin’.    What a glorious time of the year.  This Spring seems extra specially so.  Do take time to feast on it.  Treat your senses.  See.  Hear. Touch.  Taste and smell.  Take a little time out…
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Mr and Ms Manners

Warning!!!  What you’re about to read may sound old fashioned, po-faced and corny.  It may not even sound that revolutionary or dramatic.  However – it’s pure magic and solid gold…  Ready??… In relationships, politeness counts! Enormously. So often people mistake rudeness for intimacy.  Ignoring your…
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Ever had a feeling of being  divided within yourself.  One part likes/wants/thinks/ feels one way.  Another part almost the opposite. “I should do ‘A’ ” versus  “I want to do ‘Z’ ” It could be ‘Sensible and Practical’ versus ‘Creative and Imaginitive’ for instance We…
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