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‘Being in touch with yourself’, ‘Feeling grounded’, ‘Staying in your own shoes’:  these are great sounding things to do and be.  The actuality is, however, sometimes more difficult.  This especially as it’s difficult to see proof of it.  I have been thinking about EEG machines and bio feedback and the like.  There are machines now available that map your state of mind so that you can see exactly how you are.  Then you can use your thoughts to alter your state of being by concentrating on simple tasks the machine displays.  I think we can go a step further.  We can dispense with the clever machine and do it ourselves.  Yes!  You’re THAT clever!

So I thought you may like this exercise.  It’s fun, it’s relaxing and it works.


Make yourself comfortable.  Sitting or lying down is fine.

Now take a few moments or as long as you want to notice how you are.  Notice how your body is.  How you’re feeling.  Anything that’s going on around you and any thoughts you have.  Then come back to you.  How your body is. How you’re feeling.

Picture a person – a body – a  ‘neutral’  body.  It may be an outline as in the illustration here.  Or it may be something else entirely.  Now, as you feel more intensely how you’re feeling, look at the image of the body and observe the way it changes to match the way you feel.  It may change colour or shape; it may sound different or it may move into a different shape or stance or even begin to move around.  As you then increase your relaxation, simply by concentrating more intensely, so you see the figure change even more.

You can play.

Perhaps call up that feeling of being on top of the world – when everything is in sync.  As you observe that feeling in yourself – in your body and mind, concentrate more deeply on it as you watch the figure change to reflect this new feeling.  But also remember to focus on your relaxed feelings.  Then see both feelings simultaneously reflected in what the figure is doing.

Now – just by concentrating – you can make the figure do whatever you want it to do, simply by feeling that inside yourself and then directing it to the figure.

You’re in charge!  You can do whatever you want to do!

Let me know what happens.  Stay in touch.

Have a lovely November

With all best wishes


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