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It’s Spring!  Hooray!  There’s fresh green stuff everywhere and optimistic flowers and even sunshine and blue skies.  March is famous for it but every year it still feels like the miracle it is.  I thought that, in honour of all this, you may like to give yourself a Spring clean and feel fresh and new.

For some people, though, Spring presents a depressing contrast to how things are feeling and can be very much less than joyous.  If that’s how it is for you you’re very welcome to come to see me.

For everyone this a wonderful thing to learn and do.


There are seven energy centres in your body and two to imagine outside it.

These are the places you probably quite instinctively feel as where you experience various feelings and emotion.  Imagine these as flowers (as it’s Spring!).  There’s one at the base of your body – a bit below the bottom of your spine.  This has to do with letting go – elimination.  Imagine it as a red flower.

There’s one deep in your abdomen – in your groin.  This is to do with sexual energy – passion and creativity.  Imagine this as orange.

Up a bit and you get to the space underneath your ribs – your solar plexus.  Imagine a yellow flower here.  It’s your instinctive gut feelings.

In your heart is your centre of love.  It’s a green flower.

There’s a blue flower in your throat – linked emotionally to expression.

Between your eyebrows is an indigo or deeper blue flower and this is to do with insight and perception.

At the top of your head – your crown, is a violet flower.

Above the top your head is a white flower which is the flower of whatever you think of as higher power.

Below the red flower at your base, deep in the earth, is a black flower of earth energy.

As you breathe in, breathe up from the earth, black flower through base red, groin orange, solar plexus yellow, heart green, throat blue, between your eyebrows indigo, crown violet to white – spirit.  If there are any blockages – where your breath gets stuck – keep breathing in through that blockage until it flows smoothly.

With each breath out, breathe down from  the white flower above though crown violet, between your eyebrows indigo, throat blue, heart green, solar plexus yellow, groin orange, base red into earth black.

As your breath comes to each flower let that flower and that whole area of your body open up to receive.

When you’ve done that for a s long as you want to and as many times as you want to, go through to each of the flowers letting each flower and corresponding area of your body gently close.

I hope you enjoy it.

Do contact me if you want to.

With all best wishes,


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