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A brand new year.  A brand new start.  Lots of hope and a chance to think about what you want for 2016.  There may be things you want personally and others things you hope for the world.  They may be big or little things.  They may feel achievable or daunting.  Realistic or not.New year resolutions are what happen at new year.

Then lots of them fall by the wayside as the New Year becomes This Year.

Here is a different way to think about it.

What changes do you want to make?  What would you like to happen?  How would you like things to be?

Instead of Giving Up, why not Take Up?  Giving up drinking/eating badly/ smoking/wasting time feels onorous – heavy and dreary.  Being healthy/slim/a non smoker/productive feels positive – happy and exciting.  Think about what you want to do or be (rather than what you don’t want to do or be). Then visualise yourself having achieved it and happily maintaining it.  Take a photo in your head and store it somewhere you have easy access to it to encourage you.  Then visualise the steps along the way.  At each step take a photo of yourself and store it somewhere safe so you recognise it when you get there and can enjoy it and congratulate yourself.

With the big world type wishes – world peace and such like – imagine even that!  Then trace all the way back to you wishing it and find out what the very first tiny step is.  Visualise it.  You could do that!

Instead of New Year resolutions being negative (giving up/stopping etc) they become positive exciting and  pleasurable.

You can do whatever you want to do.  It’s in your hands.

Of course, if you want  help to make the changes you wish to make you are welcome to come to see me.


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I have some exciting news I want to let you know about.  From now, you can come to see me at a wonderful GP practice in Sloane Street.  It’s Sloane Medical Practice at Fordie House, 82 Sloane Street, SW1X 9PA.

I will be there Tuesday and Thursday mornings and on Fridays.  I will still be at the boat the rest of the time so you can choose where to come and, wherever you would like to see me, you can phone me to make an appointment.

I hope you had a great break over Christmas and  wish you a wonderful 2016.

With all best wishes,


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