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The country is, of course, going through very unusual times right now.  All this is having a profound effect not only on a broad, political platform but also, for many, in personal, everyday ways.  Everyone is feeling it.  What has   always seemed solid and unchangeable suddenly isn’t.   The present is insecure and the future unknown.   National, community and even family divisions are opening up.

There are those feeling upset, confused and wrong footed where others are feeling deep grief, isolation and alienation.

Feeling upside down, inside out and back to front. .

However… but…You know what?

You can do this.  It’s OK.  You are stronger and bigger and calmer than you’ve been thinking you are lately.  You’ve been through all sorts of things in your life and you’ve learned LOTS.  You really CAN rely on yourself.  DON’T join in with and so add to the misery and confusion.  Add to the OK-ness and human-ness and grace in the world.

1.  Believe in yourself.  And in everyone else.

2.  Do some self hypnosis every day  (OK – I WOULD say that!…) Or some meditation or anything that gets you back in your own skin.

3.  Laugh.  If you can’t find much that’s funny and your sense of humour’s gone awol give it a hand.  Watch/listen/read funny things.

If it’s all too much come and see me.

Have a warm and wonderful July.


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