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Summer Holiday time.  Dreaming.  Laughing.  Playing.  Letting go… Feeling good….

Coming back feeling like you again: refreshed, restored re-energised, relaxed.

And you think  “I must keep hold of this feeling.  Hang on to it.  Feel like this all the time”…..

Then there’s the taking off and landing.  When down below everything’s laid out so neatly.  Fields, tiny houses, tinier cars slowly moving along thread roads.  All so neat.  And you may think for a moment about how un-messy, how manageable your life could be – is really.

And you think – “It’s easy – I can see things so much more clearly from up here”……

Then, of course, it’s the Olympics this month.  Perfectly tuned bodies performing to the very best of their abilities.  Not to mention focused, positive, clear mind sets.



WHY NOT????!!!!

If you can feel like that on holiday then it’s possible for you to feel that way.

If you can get perspective on things – well that’s possible too.

And – OK – you couldn’t become discus throwing champion next week (sorry…),  but you may be your own kind of champion.

And so – since it’s possible, and you can and you may and you might want a bit of help to get there, you know where I am.

If things are tough and you want to get back to normal or if things are pretty well ordinary but you want to get back to extra-ordinary, come and see me.This is your one precious life – it’s worth looking after and shining up.

Have a wonderful holiday if you’re going away, enjoy the Olympics if that’s your passion but, if not, in whatever way is yours, have a wonderful August.

With warm wishes,


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