A Leap Into Sync

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Every four years the world gets back into sync – calendar wise I mean.  We have a whole extra day  – a February 29th!  That day takes the opportunity to catch up with the tiny missed day to day moments that the formality of a calendar brings.  And – hey presto! – March 1st sees us in line with nature and the natural flow of the seasons.

In many ways we too get out of sync.  Outside pressures, health, our own imagination and magical thinking all take us out of ourselves.  We live in the past or the future.  We don’t even see what’s going on around us.  Every traffic light is red or the bus has just gone.   Somehow nothing goes right.  If it goes on too long feelings of isolation and fear can set in.  The world seems an unfriendly or even hostile place.

In any life, of course there are challenges to face.   If we feel strong, confident and happy, though, those are manageable – whatever they are.  When feeling the opposite, those challenges can feel mountainous and frightening and insolvable.

So – take a leap!  Get back into sync.  With yourself.  With the world.  Get back into your own skin -your own shoes. Get back behind the wheel rather than in the back seat being driven around by someone or something else or circumstances.  Take responsibility – it’s the ability to respond.  That way is CHOICE!   You’re in charge!  And that’s what leads to FREEDOM.

When I find that there’s nowhere to park or the shop is mysteriously closed when I get there or technology is conspiring against me, I stop.   I stop whatever I’m doing, sometimes while walking down the street or typing or going towards the phone to make a call.  I stop.  Then I take a deep breath in so that it feels like my stomach is filling with air, then my lungs.  And I hold it – just for a few seconds.  Then I blow it all out from the stomach up.  When I think there’s no more to breathe out I blow just a bit more out.  Then I wait.  And my body naturally breathes in again, and again I take a deep deep breath, wait, and blow out just a bit more than I think I can.  Then I do it one more time.  Amazing!  I see what’s there.  I hear, I feel and smell.  I’m back!

The really powerful thing to do is to prioritise yourself and, however busy the day, take ten minutes out.  Just for you.  Doing this sends a wonderful message to you to let you know that, actually, YOU’RE  the most important thing happening.  Use the time to do a lovely self hypnosis exercise.  Or, if you haven’t learned to do it for yourself, listen to my hypnotic relaxation on the home page of this website.

If you would like to learn self hypnosis or if things are feeling very out of sync you’re welcome to come to see me.

Have a wonderful February.


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