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‘Responsibility’ – the word and the concept – often sounds dry – even dour.  It can feel we already have quite enough or, sometimes, too much of it.  It may feel like drudgery –  something unpleasant and simply dutiful that has to be taken on.  Or it could be that we feel like someone or something else’s puppet.  It is their fault that we feel so bad.  We may feel stuck, ineffective or unconfident.  It may lead to feeling depressed or anxious.

Often unexpectedly, however, once we stop prevaricating and avoiding and finding anything to do but… or stop naming, blaming and shaming as the saying goes, it feels good.  We feel productive, creative even, sometimes as far as joyful.  Very strange….

Actually – not strange at all.

When we take responsibility we engage with the component words – Response Ability.  We have the Ability to Respond.

And that way we are in the driving seat.  Yippee.  Suddenly we have Choice.

And that way is …. FREEDOM

Think about it.  Act on it.  Enjoy it.

The weather is set to be wonderful this month.  I hope you have a sunny and happy June You know though that, if things aren’t so great you are very welcome to contact me.

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