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Its easy enough at this time of the year to feel gloomy and stressed.  It gets light late and dark early.  It’s cold.  Christmas and its associated stresses, family traumas and general exhaustion are upon you. All over the world quite a bit has been happening this year.  Yup!  There are a million reasons to not feel cheerful.

My favorite postcard I ever received was from someone visiting a Buddhist country.  It said on the front

This IS a wonderful time of the year.  It’s crisp and if you get up early enough you can see the frost melting as the sun comes up.  It’s cosy.  Christmas is, of course, full of sparkle and love and warmth.  It’s a time for giving – and receiving.  It’s a break.

Try receiving – sparkle and joy and love. Fill yourself with bubbles of champagne and the sound of laughter and the twinkle of fairy lights and a big kiss from the fairy on top of the tree.

Remember how lucky you are and remember all the good things that have happened this year.

Then try sending it out – to people and places you know and trouble spots in the world.

Aahhhhh – that’s better…..

If things ARE a bit tough you’re welcome to get in touch.  Otherwise I hope you have a great December and a wonderful Christmas.


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