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Life is process.  So often we think of getting to a certain place and then stopping.  But it really IS the journey that’s important.  And a goal gives us that journey.  But, on reaching the goal, it’s important to let that place grow and develop in its own way.  This is true in all areas of life.  Birth, death, relationships, work, home, ourselves

Transition is often challenging – at times exciting or joyful.  At other times it may be sometimes scary or deeply sad.  But we are not static – we are alive and it’s important to make changes, learn to embrace, create or weather them.

From 21st February, as the spring bulbs blossom, my practice will be in South Kensington and, on Thursdays in Museum St WC2.   You are, of course, welcome at either place if you’re having difficulties transitioning or with anything else in your life.

I wish you many transitions in your life of an enhancing and wonderful nature and increasing wisdom to make and learn from those that are hard.

With all best wishes,


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